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Buyer's Guide

Steps in buying a property

Buying a new home is an important step in everyone's life. Although the magic of finding a new “ HOME ” is really overwhelming, future homeowners should also consider both the financial and legal aspects of buying a home.

In order to offer you only the magical part of this stage of your life, the real estate agency Danicris puts into practice its experience of over 20 years in the real estate field, to represent your interests in all these aspects and to ensure an impeccable development of the whole process. purchase.

Whether you choose to accompany us on the journey to a new "home" or you set off on your own, we have prepared a simplified guide to the process of buying a property:

1. Personal Criteria

Before starting your search for a new home, you need to carefully consider your needs in terms of:

- Type of housing;

- The space needed now and in the future, as well as the possibilities for expansion;

- The ideal areas and facilities you need;

- Financial capabilities in relation to personal criteria and possible financing options;

- Steps in order to pre-approve a possible mortgage loan, if necessary;

2. Prospecting & Viewing

Once you have decided your personal criteria, it will be time to prospect the offers on the market, either on your own or with the help of specialists who can prepare a portfolio of properties customized to your needs.

What you need to keep in mind at this stage is:

- The price of the property compared to that of properties with similar dimensions and facilities in the same area;

- The quality of the construction, as well as the current improvements;

- Energy efficiency - maintenance costs;

3. Advancing the Offer

If the property you have found not only has conquered you, but also meets your criteria and is in line with market standards, it's time to advance a purchase offer!

At this stage, both the final price of the property and the purchase conditions are discussed. Working with a real estate agency can be beneficial at this stage, facilitating the negotiation process between the seller and the comparator.

Once the offer is accepted and the final price of the property is set, the entire documentation of the property requires verification either by a notary or a lawyer to ensure that there will be no irregularities or impediments in the transaction.

4. Preliminary sale-purchase contract

Although it is not mandatory, we recommend drawing up a pre-sale-purchase contract that offers both the buyer the guarantee that the property will not be sold to other buyers in the meantime, and the seller the guarantee that the potential comparator will not change his mind.

The pre-sale-purchase contract is a legal act by which both the seller and the buyer undertake to conclude in the future, at the price and under the established conditions, the sale-purchase contract.

5. Completion of the Transaction

For concluding the notarial sale-purchase contract, the necessary documents are:

• Identity documents of the seller and the buyer;

• Marriage certificates and possible matrimonial agreements (if applicable), for both parties involved in the transaction;

• Deed of ownership of the building;

• Cadastral documentation and Conclusion of tabulation of the building;

• Fiscal attestation certificate (reflects the fulfillment of the obligations to pay taxes by the seller);

• Certificate from the Owners Association;

• Energy performance certificate of the building;

In the case of collaboration with a real estate agency, the entire process is taken over by it, dealing with obtaining the necessary documentation and accompanying the buyer until the conclusion of the notarial contract of sale-purchase.

When the notarial contract is signed and the full amount for the value of the property is transferred to the seller's account, congratulations, you are the legal owner of your new " HOME "!

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