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Exclusive representation is a system of exclusive collaboration between a real estate agency and the owner for the sale of a property.


Through the exclusive seller representation contract, the owner designates the real estate agency as the sole representative in the sale of the property for a certain period of time and undertakes to compensate the agency's efforts during this period with a predetermined commission, if the sale of the property takes place during the contract period, or as a direct result of it.


Compared to other working systems, the Exclusive Representation system is the most ethically correct, because the agent works only in favor of the client who hires him. Thus, representing exclusively the interests of the owner, the agent works to obtain the best conditions for the sale of the property.


The main advantage of this system is that it allows the real estate agency to fully focus its marketing efforts and resources on the property , being able to promote it to both direct clients and other real estate agencies, thus ensuring the highest chances of sale through a joint effort.


Through its Exclusive Representation service, the real estate agency Danicris implements a well-established strategy to ensure maximizing the chances of selling the property.

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Save time on property promotion, phone calls, conversations, and visits with dozens of people who may or may not be potential customers for your property.


Our marketing strategy highlights the value of your property and ensures maximum exposure to the market, substantially increasing the chances of selling


The agent represents your interests exclusively and ensures the best price and the most convenient sale conditions for you.


We provide our experience, knowledge and resources in order to ensure a smooth sale process.


1. Property competitive analysis and evaluation


2. Development of a tailored marketing and advertising plan that includes:


  • Presentation and improvement suggestions

  • Photos, videos and other presentation materials

  • Creating a portfolio describing the property

  • Promotion to the agency's existing client portfolio

  • Promotion on social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

  • Promotion on the company website and relevant Romanian and international real estate sales platforms

  • Email Marketing

  • Promotion to other real estate agencies in the area through specific platforms

  • Street banner/sign at the property (FOR SALE)


3. Management of communication (calls, messages and e-mail) and all enquiries for the listing and qualifying potential customers


4. Organising and conducting visits to the property


5. Reporting progress and offers to the seller


6. Representation of the seller's interests in the negotiation process


7. Preparation of the pre-contract of sale


8. Assistance with the formalities and paperwork necessary for the closing and contract signing at the notary.

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